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Science and Christianity are complementary

Alister McGrath, 2016. Enriching our vision of reality: Theology and the natural sciences in dialogue. London: SPCK.

McGrath’s intention in this book is to demonstrate a different relationship between Christianity and science from the one presupposed by the ‘Science vs Religion’ standoff. Christian belief and science are complementary, and, as his title says, together enrich our vision of reality. At the end of the book, McGrath says he has written it because he believes that the people best qualified to carry forward this enriched vision of the world are scientists who have a Christian faith. But it is not enough for individuals to enjoy this enriched vision. It is important to demonstrate that science and faith can be held together by practising scientists, in order to counter the myth that science and faith are at war.

There are more similarities, McGrath holds, between the methods of science and Christian theology than is commonly supposed. An important similarity is that they b…

The utter magnificence of God's creation

Today Ingrid and I were completely blown away by the beauty, the majesty, the utter magnificence of God’s creation.

We started our day at Binna Burra in the Lamington National Park in southeast Queensland. It sits high in the mountains (they may not be all that high, but they’re steep), and this morning we had clear views for miles into far away valleys and distant mountains under a spotless blue sky. As we drove down from Binna Burra to enter the Numinbah Valley, we could see the sharp-pointed peak of Wollumbin  (1156 m) or, as Captain Cook named it, Mount Warning. For much of this part of the journey we were driving along an extremely winding road, hugging the steep side of the mountain, with a precipitous drop on one side of the road or the other. In places, amazingly, the mountain dropped away on both sides of the road, and Ingrid (who long long ago studied geology) read the explanatory national park notices and discovered that we were driving along the rim of a shield volcano cal…