Scot McKnight's The King Jesus gospel: The original good news revisited (2011). Some old notes

Scot MacKnight's 2011 book is a fairly short overview of what one might call 'kingdom-oriented theology' (as opposed to 'salvation-oriented' theology — I'm sure there are better terms for this distinction, but I have yet to learn them). Some people have described it as provocative. I found it readable, insightful and helpful. (Tom Wright's How God became King offers a thorough exegesis of much the same theme.)

I've just found and reread some notes I made shortly after reading it, so I thought I'd post them. I must have written them in 2011 or 2012: before I started this blog, at any rate.

The figures in parentheses are page numbers, and from the fact that they are not all in sequence, I think these are notes I wrote immediately after reading the book in order to jog my memory.