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Towards a theology of science: Tom McLeish’s "Faith and Wisdom in Science"

Tom McLeish is Professor of Physics at Durham University and a theoretical physicist whose work is renowned for increasing our understanding of the properties of soft materials.

Below is a summary of what I have learned from reading Tom McLeish’s Faith and Wisdom in Science (Oxford University Press 2014). It is not a summary of the book itself, which contains much more than I mention, and it is not a review, for which I would lack competence.

This is not just another book about the relationship between science and Christianity. Well, it is about that relationship, but from a perspective that is new to me. McLeish takes the first steps—quite a few, in fact—towards a theology of science. This may sound as if he is trying to take the high ground: Christianity above science. But he doesn’t. He grants that if there can be a theology of science, there can also be a science of theology (i.e. scientists of other disciplines who take theology as their object).
McLeish’s approach is two-pronged. F…